Portescap’s new Ultra EC series slotless and brushless DC motor with integrated driver available from Mclennan

Recently launched by Portescap and available from UK motion specialist Mclennan, the new 22ECP35-2A DC slotless and brushless motor features an integrated driver and offers the potential to simplify installation and operation for motion control applications where smooth control, long working life and cost optimisation are project essentials.

The 22 mm diameter, 9-Watt motor expands Portescap’s Ultra EC line of 2-pole brushless motors which are globally recognised for their high power density, premium performance and cost efficiency as well the ability to deliver up to 50% more continuous torque and 100% additional power compared to competitive motors. With its integral driver the plug and play 2-wire 22ECP35-2A also facilitates reduced product design and product assembly time, minimises wiring and decreases installed footprint.

With full application assistance from Mclennan - Portescap’s official UK and Ireland stocking distributor and technical support specialist - the new 22ECP35-2A motor will suit motion tasks in medical and industrial equipment such as miniature pumps, respirators, hand tools, valve actuators, scanning and switching systems, and similar devices where precise and smooth speed control are essential.

The motors are optimised for 5 to 15 VDC operation and two standard coil windings offer a performance capability that spans an optimal continuous and unidirectional speed range from around 3000 to 9000 rpm and a continuous torque to 12 mNm – with up to a 3x short-term torque capability. Both coil winding versions have the same 35 mm nominal length.

For series production quantities, customisation for resistance and inductance is fully available to optimise speed or direction requirements and for installation flexibility, Mclennan can assist customers with electrical connectors, custom shafts and alternative mechanical interfacing. With minimal speed fluctuation and low motor heating under load Portescap’s Ultra EC motors perfectly suit geared applications, and a wide range of precision planetary gearboxes are available from Mclennan along with other additional motion components where a full design and build service for motion sub-systems is available.

For further details on Portescap’s new Ultra 22ECP35-2A, please visit www.mclennan.co.uk, email sales@mclennan.co.uk, or call +44 (0) 1252 531444