NEW product from maxon: IDX – the Compact drive with integrated positioning controller

New IDX line, a modular drive system for applications in industrial automation or logistics automation that consists of a motor and an integrated EPOS4 controller that can be used in a wide variety of applications.

The IDX compact drives are configurable online.

- High continuous torque
- High power density
- IP 65 protected design
- Ready for Industry 4.0
- Configurable

A maintenance-free positioning drive with proven components

The compact brushless EC-i motor combined with an EPOS4 positioning controller makes for a highly-dynamic, powerful drive package with field-oriented control (FOC), a high level of efficiency, and maintenance-free components in high-quality industrial housing.

Comprehensive functionality, simple operation

The CANopen and EtherCAT fieldbuses and the adjustable digital and analog inputs and outputs are perfectly matched to the diverse functions and operating modes of the CiA-402 device profile. Besides the intuitive set-up software, libraries for streamlined integration into a wide variety of master systems are freely available.

You choose, we deliver

You can individually select the fieldbus, winding, brake, and drive to suit your machine design.

Wide range of applications

Minimum space requirements and wide range of functions for systems with 12...48 VDC operating voltage: The new compact drives from maxon meet this need in full. They are extremely flexible for use in industrial, robotics, and logistics applications with the most stringent of requirements, such as driverless transport systems.

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