Wyzo wins two high-profile design awards as world’s first sidebot

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Wyzo, the world’s first sidebot, has scooped not one but two high-profile accolades for outstanding design aesthetic and functionality.

With its advanced ability to work side by side with humans with the speed of an industrial robot, Wyzo has been given a Design Award in the Industry & Tools Category from iF, and the coveted Best of the Best Award from Red Dot for Industrial Equipment, Product Design and Robotics.

“To win the iF design award and the Best of the Best award from Red Dot is just amazing and is the result of an exceptional partnership with Sardi Strategic Design that I am very proud of […] it reinforces the belief that we are changing the face of industrial automation and carving a path to follow for collaborative, pick-and-place robotics,” said Christian Vouillamoz, Chief Technology Officer at Wyzo. “

Wyzo is tüv certified and its advanced safety system is enabled through its state-of-the-art sensor technology, which constantly monitors its surroundings for the presence of human activity. This means Wyzo can work safely side-by-side with humans with zero protective barriers or performance compromises, while its compact design and high-speed operation allow it to perform up to 90 cycles per minute.At just 1.80 meters in height, Wyzo has been designed specifically to be no taller than a human being to make its integration seamless with operators. Its size ensures those working alongside view Wyzo as a co-worker, while its small footprint delivers true flexibility. It can easily be moved from one workstation to another, eliminating bottlenecks and enabling fast ROI, and is highly compatible with all regular grippers on the market - with changeover speeds of less than nine seconds. To meet ever-changing production demands, Wyzo also offers integrated pneumatic, electric, and vacuum controls.The B2B design expert and founder of Sardi Strategic Design, Enrique Luis Sardi commented: “Both awards are truly a fantastic acknowledgement of the hard work and dedication that went into Wyzo from both sides of the partnership.”

On awarding the Best of the Best award to Wyzo, Red Dot commented: “With its filigree design, Wyzo has an anxiety-reducing effect in the working environment, while colour contrasts simultaneously visualise its dynamism and speed. The concept of a fenceless design combined with a proximity detection system has thus led to a new definition of this type of robot.”