Schneider Electric appoints Rhonda Doyle as VP of Customer Operations UK & Ireland

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Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, has appointed Rhonda Doyle as the new Vice President of Customer Operations in the UK and Ireland.

Rhonda Doyle, Vice President of Customer Operations, UK and Ireland

This follows the appointment of Kristin Hanley, who previously held the post, to Vice President of Sales Excellence and Marketing for the UK and Ireland business. The new role will see Rhonda take the lead on customer care, satisfaction and quality, business systems, business tendering and project management, alongside developing new strategies to transform end-to-end customer digital experiences.

Prior to this, Rhonda held the post of Senior Director of Field Service Operations since joining Schneider Electric in 2021. During that time, she has played an integral role in growing the services side of the business to support customers’ digitalisation and sustainability strategies. She has also been instrumental in transforming internal processes, improving performance and service delivery, while helping projects to scale and meet customer requirements.

Rhonda’s experience and achievements within Schneider Electric align with the responsibilities of the Customer Operations role that covers all aspects of customer engagement, from the customer care centre to project management and frontline engineers. Building on Schneider Electric’s reputation for delivering a first-rate customer service, Rhonda will review existing processes to refine service delivery with a specific focus on enhancing the digital customer experience.

Speaking about the new appointment, Rhonda Doyle, Vice President of Customer Operations, UK and Ireland, said: “Digitising processes is at the core of Schneider Electric’s overall strategy. Our suite of smart digital monitoring tools contribute to greater energy efficiencies for customers and in how we directly communicate and engage with customers.

"We’re continually transforming the customer experience across multiple channels, to ensure that a customer service representative is available via a phone call or a live chat. Our goal is to deliver end-to-end solutions that allow us to connect digitally with customers – and respond to their needs faster and with greater accuracy but also cater for the needs of the various business units.”

Kelly Becker, President of Schneider Electric UK and Ireland said: “Rhonda has a proven track record of delivering excellent customer service strategies and her innovative leadership style is exactly what this position needs. Rhonda will help us grow as an organisation and pursue unparalleled levels of proactive customer support. She will reassess our customer engagement approach, equip our teams for success and increase the number of digital connections we have with our customers. This aligns with our strategy to keep our customers as our first priority and continuously improving our support across the business.”