Universal Robots: The Hidden Benefits of Automated Quality Control in 2021

by Universal Robots

Quality control is one of the most important factors for manufacturers looking to gain a competitive edge. With an automated quality inspection process, businesses can ensure consistently excellent results, high repeatability and increased productive productivity. Discover how cobots can revolutionise quality.

It goes without saying that better quality products and processes give a business the edge over its competitors. However, it’s a tricky process to get right. When carrying out repeated tasks, factors such as human error or fatigue often cause easily avoided mistakes that lead to significant downtime, wastage and ultimately, loss of revenue.

Automated quality inspection can quickly solve this dilemma, and ensure consistency and repeatability in the production of products and parts. By implementing a collaborative robot (cobot) in the quality inspection process, manufacturers will see untold benefits in flexibility, efficiency and productivity. Not only that, but as businesses take steps to move towards Industry 4.0 architecture, automation of key processes will ensure a smooth transition.

Join us at 11am (GMT) on 6th April 2021 for “Inspection in Industry 4.0: The Rise of Cobotics”

Discover how cobots can take quality assurance to the next level, offering you:

  • Enhanced production workflow flexibility.
  • Greater product repeatability.
  • ...and most of all, consistent quality assurance.

Automation can also remove human error from the quality control process. We’ll show you how a cobot can be used as a platform to deliver a measuring system to build up a 3D inspection of a part. They can be used as part of an inspection cell to move a camera to multiple positions over an object, for unparalleled accuracy.

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