Tamagawa inertial measurement units enable smart agriculture and mobile machinery applications

Mclennan, Tamagawa Seiki’s UK distribution partner for industrial applications, explores precision farming and mobile construction machinery applications for the Japanese manufacturers IMUs. Areas explored include vehicle inclination and collision avoidance through tilt-angle and shock detection, up to more advanced concepts with IMUs capable of 6-degrees-of-freedom position and acceleration measurement – enabling smart operation by pairing the IMU with GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System).

Tamagawa Seiki Co., Ltd. is a globally leading Japanese manufacturer of motion control components and systems centred around its long-established expertise in high precision angular measurement. Tamagawa’s comprehensive range includes IMUs (inertial measurement units) and gyro devices that variously provide precise measurement of angular velocity (X, Y, Z), acceleration (X, Y, Z), and attitude angle (roll, pitch, yaw). These devices are optionally available with integrated gyro devices for improved precision as well as GPS positioning elements for measurement of location latitude, longitude, and GPS velocity.

Tamagawa is a tier one supplier to automotive markets where its tri-axis IMUs units are a significant enabling technology for vehicle applications from driver monitoring and dynamics testing to fully autonomous road vehicles. These same components are increasingly being applied to other autonomous vehicles for localisation and dead reckoning on applications such as attitude control for light aircraft, drones, and logistics AGVs. They are also widely applied as an integral part of stabilisation and safety monitoring systems for cranes, bridges, and other large structures.

Tamagawa IMUs are also being utilised on precision farming and construction site machinery where, on one level, accelerometer feedback provides safety for vehicle inclination and collision avoidance through tilt angle and shock detection. More advanced applications and potential applications can be realised with 6-degrees of freedom position and acceleration measurement that enables smart operation by pairing the IMU with GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) to significantly improve positional and straight-line accuracy and open opportunities for fully unmanned operation.

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