Modelling and Simulation in the Medical & Biomedical Technologies Industry

Join us on March 28 for a free, one day event on how simulation is helping to drive innovation within the medical and biomedical industry. The event will feature presentations led by industry experts and COMSOL staff who will discuss a range of applications, such as biochemical sensors & tests, CFD in medical & biomedical technologies, EM Heating of Tissue and more.

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The event agenda includes:

  • Modelling Medical & Biomedical Technologies in COMSOL Multiphysics®
  • Invited speaker: Numerical-Simulation-Driven Design of Nanophotonic Biosensors
  • Biochemical Sensors & Tests
  • CFD in Medical & Biomedical Technologies
  • Introduction to COMSOL Multiphysics®
  • Heat Transfer & EM Heating of Tissue
  • Acoustics Modelling
  • Biomaterials & Tissue Biomechanics

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