Discover how engineers are using simulation to create a brighter future

In this magazine, read the user stories of engineering teams stepping up to meet the great challenges of our time. From Toyota, researching and developing hydrogen fuel cells, to Heidelberg Materials bringing multiphysics simulation to construction sites, all of the included user stories highlight the accomplishments of engineering teams around the world in the pursuit of a brighter future - download for free to read more.

Organisations around the world turn to multiphysics modelling and simulation to understand, predict and optimise their designs, devices and processes. COMSOL News 2023 is a collection of inspiring stories from engineers, scientists and researchers who use modelling and simulation to push their field forward.

Topics include:

  • Hydrogen fuel cell development
  • Standalone simulation apps for real-time
    • Concrete casting predictions
    • Produce freshness forecasting
  • Deep-sea biogeochemical processes
  • Ionization gauges for HV/UHV environments
  • Room acoustics in the workplace

The 2023 edition also features a few articles with tips and inspiration on topics like visualisation, 3D motor modelling and RF MEMS devices.

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