Read how new robots are being utilised in NASKA’s team for their industrial design, mechanical design, and life cycle management needs.

Many farms across Europe are separated by rock walls—there are more than 40,000 km (10 meters/person) of rock walls in Ireland alone—and the need to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere to stem the damaging effects of climate change are the inspirations for the innovative robotic RockFarm carbon capture system currently in development at NASKA robotics GmbH.


“The 3DEXPERIENCE platform makes design resilient against any pandemic scenario because even though our offices are closed, the team can continue working remotely from home,” Brett stresses. “It turned out to be the perfect solution for us because there’s been a lot of positive development and so much progress made despite the lockdowns.”


Developing its unique RockFarm robotic system for the mineralization of CO2 on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform has been especially helpful for NASKA because of the time and cost savings that the German startup has realized. “Because our design tool operates in a browser and our data infrastructure is in the cloud, we’ve avoided the heavy up-front capital investment in hardware that startups have historically faced,” Brett points out. “We’re saving additional money in the form of time savings: not just from the pandemic lockdowns but also related to our work flow,” Brett continues. “It gave us a fast start working with colleagues who are not experienced in CAD and if one person becomes a bottleneck, we can quickly hand off some of that work to another team member and eliminate potential delays.”


Another aspect of 3DEXPERIENCE platform that NASKA values is the scalability of security protocols through the administration of user and community rights to the cloud-based platform. “In the beginning of the development process when we were sprinting and investigating various ideas and concepts, security was not as important, so we shut down security measures and made everything open for everyone to spark a quick start,” Brett explains. “The flexibility of security in the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows us to modulate and scale security as the design advances, enabling us to protect IP while preventing security protocols from slowing things down in the beginning.”

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