Webinar: how robots & automation are changing the construction industry

1 min read

Recruiting and sustaining a highly skilled, and diverse workforce will be a major challenge for the construction industry over the next few years. But how does the industry attract and retain talent? The answer lies in digitisation.

An expert panel, formed across FUTURECAST, KUKA and WICQI will share facts, offer opinions, and respond to audience questions as we delve into why the construction industry’s evolution, to keep pace with modern-day manufacturing, will feature disruptive technologies, such as robots and automation and how the utilisation of digital technologies will enable the transference of skills into construction, driving equality, diversity and sustain an industry that must embrace change.

The construction industry has to evolve, to keep pace with modern-day manufacturing. Traditionally very labour-intensive, building sites have been seen as dangerous environments, open to the elements and not appealing to young recruits. Now though, as digitisation brings the principles of construction indoors and removes the physical constraints, opportunities for women are growing and Gen Z’s and creative originatives, adept in coding/gaming, can get to grips with robots and automated technology, driving dynamicity, equality and growth across an industry desperate for change.

Mark Elwell, Head of Robot Sales, KUKA Ireland commented: “Robotic production offers many advantages in construction, by removing the physical limitations that may once have constrained employee dynamics. Now, as digitisation drives the adoption of automated construction principles, the industry can diversify and attract new talent.”

Matt Chilton of Industrio, conversing with JJ O’Hara, CEO of FUTURECAST said “the FUTURECAST approach is to rethink construction and quarrying to make better use of youngsters’ tech-based skills and to overcome the industry’s image as a dirty and dangerous occupation. The centre also addresses issues like sustainability and embraces solutions such as the adoption of green energy and modern, technology-based methods of construction.”

The webinar takes place on Wednesday 8th February, 2pm (GMT). Register for free here: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/624463659215569501