Water Intelligence acquired Ireland's Feackle Gas and Plumbing

UK-based provider of minimally-invasive leak detection and remediation solutions Water Intelligence has acquired Clare-based water pump supplier Feakle Gas and Plumbing, Sharecast News reported.

Water Intelligence acquired the company through its Water Intelligence International subsidiary to enhance its capacity to deliver water and wastewater solutions across commercial and residential sectors in Ireland and the EU. 

It said the acquisition, valued at €2.32m, was based on FG&P's 2023 accounts, which reported €3.7m in sales and adjusted operating profits of €0.55m.

FG&P, which operates between Shannon and Dublin, boasted a skilled workforce and a robust service and construction plumbing business.

The new business lines would be synergistic with Water Intelligence International's expansion, particularly leveraging its proprietary sewer diagnostic product, Pulse.

The acquisition would support Water Intelligence's expansion into the EU, enhancing its operational footprint and enabling the group to meet the growing demand driven by EU directives on drinking water and urban wastewater treatment.