Spelsberg forms new partnership with Dublin based distributor ATC Automation

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Spelsberg has announced its new collaborative venture with Dublin’s ATC Automation. This new partnership in Ireland aims to leverage the strengths of both companies and extend Spelsberg’s reach in the enclosure services market in Ireland.

After more than two decades of fruitful collaboration with the previous distributor, Drives & Controls, evolving market conditions and a drive for regional expertise have led Spelsberg to forge this new partnership. While the previous association was characterised by commendable service and mutual growth, the ever-growing market dynamics and the need for regional expertise has paved the way for this fresh alliance.

Founded in 1991, ATC Automation has built a strong reputation in the automation industry in Ireland. It’s commitment to quality and excellence, along with strong industry connections, provide the perfect platform for Spelsberg’s diverse range of enclosures and customisation options. Notably, ATC Automation has laid the groundwork to introduce Spelsberg into new markets.

ATC Automation’s customer-centric approach aligns perfectly with Spelsberg’s philosophy. Chris Lloyd, Managing Director at Spelsberg UK, commented “As one chapter ends, another begins, and we are excited to embark on this new journey with ATC Automation. Its proven track-record and commitment to excellence makes it the perfect fit for our brand”.

Cathal Maguire, ATC Automation’s Sales Director, stated, "We are looking forward to promoting the Spelsberg range of innovative electrical installation and enclosure products to both our existing and new customers in the Irish market. This new product line from Spelsberg will complement our existing brand portfolio and provide customers with access to over 5,000 products for electrical installation, panel building, and concrete installation applications."

The partnership also brings logistical benefits; ATC Automation is committed to stocking popular Spelsberg products and has scheduled a training-day for its sales engineers. In a post-Brexit trading environment, this Dublin-based collaboration is also strategically positioned to navigate the complexities of EU-UK trading relationships.

Looking ahead, ATC Automation’s strategic and selective brand choices highlight the long-term nature of this alliance. This partnership aims to serve as a one-stop shop solution, fulfilling an extensive range of customer needs while venturing into new and promising markets, including the increasing e-bike charging market.

As this partnership gets underway, the focus remains on redefining enclosure solutions for a brighter, more dynamic future for all customers. Spelsberg and ATC Automation are not just reacting to market changes, they are proactively shaping the market to provide a comprehensive product portfolio. This alliance ensures a mutually beneficial journey for both companies, solidifying their reputation as leaders in their respective domains.