Segway launches Navimow robotic lawnmower in UK

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Segway has launched its award-winning smart robotic lawnmower, Navimow in the UK, along with the innovative new AI-powered VisionFence Sensor.

Navimow is a unique boundary-cord-free robotic lawnmower, featuring smart app control, centimetre-precise positioning via Segway’s Exact Fusion Locating System (EFLS) and systematic mowing path, engineered to deliver perfectly manicured lawns.

New VisionFence Sensor with cutting-edge AI technology

Featuring built-in AI technology, Segway’s new VisionFence Sensor accessory enables Navimow to mow complex lawns more intelligently and accurately than ever before. The VisionFence Sensor’s dedicated AI chip and advanced visual recognition algorithm helps Navimow to recognise multiple objects more quickly and precisely. Incorporated with a neural network trained with massive real-world data, Navimow can always identify the lawn’s edge, even when the EFLS satellite is weak in areas with challenging layouts. The new sensor’s visual technology gives Navimow a greater ability to detect moving objects, which is helpful to protect small animals.

Intelligent lawn maintenance, quieter, safer and more durable than ever before

Designed for a lawn area of up to 3,000 square metres, the Segway Navimow is one of the most intelligent, quietest, and safest mowers on the market. The Exact Fusion Locating System allows Navimow to select the optimal mowing path and automatically change the mowing direction after completing a round of mowing, which avoids the traces left by repeated mowing paths and keeps your lawn in a healthier growth environment. The noise-level is minimised to a barely audible 54 decibels, the quietest of the industry, no louder than a standard electric toothbrush. Designed with safety in mind, Navimow has multiple built-in safety sensors, including an IMU and Lift sensor for front and rear lifting, along with VisionFence and Bump sensors for obstacle avoidance.

Smart Navimow app control: perfect lawn care with just a tap from anywhere

The Navimow app operates as both a knowledge hub and a smart remote control. With just a few simple taps, users can find detailed tutorial videos and straightforward guidelines that make Navimow installation and use a breeze. Users simply download the Navimow app from the App Store or Google Play and follow a set of simple instructions to map out a virtual boundary for their lawn. In addition to using the Navimow app to set and adjust their mowing area, users can remotely operate and monitor the mower with ease from anywhere at any time. Alongside the ability to easily check the real-time mower status, adjust the mowing schedule or set an anti-theft alarm, users always have access to the latest Navimow features by downloading over-the-air (OTA) updates via the app.

George Ren, CEO of Segway Navimow BU, commented: “Segway has applied its extensive robotics knowledge to products ranging from self-balancing scooters to delivery robots, and we first entered the lawnmowing robotics market in 2021. Last year, we delivered the Navimow in 12 countries in Europe, with first-hand feedback from thousands of users helping us continually develop our product for optimal performance. New features are added in response to users’ requests, such as partial adjustment of virtual boundaries, night mode, and many more.

“Navimow customers avoid the hassle of perimeter wires and can be confident their mower will follow a pre-determined route, only veering off course to avoid unexpected obstacles. With Navimow and our latest VisionFence Sensor, we have delivered a robotic lawnmower that is intuitive, intelligent, and independent.”