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Rocket containing Irish technology systems set to launch

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The European rocket called Ariane 6 will use technology systems built from Dublin-based space engineering company Réaltra.

Built by Ariane Group, on behalf of the European Space Agency, Ariane 6 is set to launch today between 7pm-11pm at Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana. 

Réaltra has designed and manufactured the Rocket's video telemetry system (VIKI) and global navigation satellite system (GEKI). VIKI will provide live HD video telemetry images during all phases of the launcher mission through six camera that are onboard. 

GEKI will use advanced satellite navigation technology to provide accurate positioning and timing measurements. It will fly as an experimental systems on the first launch to validate its functionality in space at high speeds. 

Danny Gleeson, CCO of Réaltra said: "We are delighted and proud that the Réaltra Video Telemetry and GNSS systems have been selected to fly on the maiden flight of the Ariane A6 launcher.

"Our partnership with ArianeGroup is a testament to the dedication and talent of our team in Ireland in providing cutting-edge solutions for the global space market.”