Irish engineer wins ESG award for CO2 reduction service

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RS has presented Irish engineer, Kieran Murphy, an ESG Impact award for his innovative work in air leak technology.

Murphy, who works in the technical sales and innovation support department of RS in Ireland, has been instrumental in launching RS’ air leak service which can significantly help reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Ireland has a target to achieve a 51 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030. RS’s air leak service has already helped its customers save 270 tons of carbon from their businesses, which equates to 61 cars on the road per year.  

Not only that, but the air leak surveys can help companies save money . . . crucial amid the current cost of living crisis.

Murphy said: “Air leak detection surveys are offered by several competitors in Ireland. However, RS is unique due to the innovative technology we have developed.

“Ultrasonic equipment is available in several different form factors, with the most common being a single omni-directional microphone that utilises human hearing. The technology we have uses ultrasonic imaging equipment with multiple microphones, up to 124 in some cases, which provides accurate positional data.

“This removes the risk of human error and allows for faster air-leak detection and dynamic image capture. Another benefit is that it can be operated from a safe distance, preventing disruption of any manufacturing or industrial processes during its use.”

Kieran carried out surveys across 10 RS customers’ sites in Ireland between October and November 2022 and more are planned for the months ahead.

He said: “Results from the customer sites, which include a broad range of industry sectors including food and beverage, packing, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, manufacturing and telecommunications, show RS has helped them identify more than 13,000 litres of air loss per minute.

“The results from the survey provide accurate location and leak size data, allowing maintenance teams to prioritise repair work and create preventative maintenance plans, resulting in a total saving of €508,525.”

Kieran added: “I’m truly humbled to have been presented with this award. Having robust ESG strategies is something that many organisations are challenged with, so providing sustainable solutions which help the planet and our customers achieve their ESG goals is crucial. We listened to customer feedback and developed a service that gives the benefit of air leak detection to all organisations both big and small at a competitive price point.”