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Greeenhouse gas emissions fall in Ireland

Greenhouse gas emissions in Republic of Ireland hit their lowest level in 30 years, according to figures reported by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

BBC News has reported that almost every sector showed an overall reduction rate of 6.8%, with the largest decrease in the energy sector, where emissions fell by 21.6%.

This decrease was due to a 12-fold increase in imported electricity, an increase in the share of renewable energy in coal, oil and peat usage. 

Agricultural emissions dropped by 4.6% because of an 18% reduction in fertiliser nitrogen use and overall reduction in non-diary livestock. 

In addition, over 30,000 heat pumps were installed in Irish homes in 2023, bring the total to 120,000.

Despite this, the country is still off track to meet EU and national 2030 targets, according to the EPA.