Dry ice cleaning specialist to host demo events around the country

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Polar IceTech has announced a series of lunchtime events to demonstrate how companies can benefit from Dry Ice Cleaning, an environmentally friendly, non-abrasive method of cleaning.

The process uses reclaimed and recycled food grade CO2 which is carbon neutral and contains no chemicals or toxins. It has been proven to clean delicate and high value equipment in a shorter time than traditional cleaning methods and allows companies to continue their production lines without significant interruption.

Polar IceTech, which is based in Midleton, Co. Cork is one of the only companies offering the service in Ireland on a full-time basis and has been working with businesses across a number of sectors including manufacturing, pharmaceutical, electrical, food and historical restoration.

A study carried out by ESB at the Ardnacrusha Hydro Power Generating Station in Co. Clare showed that dry ice cleaning increased the quality of clean by 25-30% and reduced the cleaning time by 200 hours.  The process easily reached and effectively cleaned areas which were inaccessible using the previous cleaning method of cotton cloths, extension poles and white spirits.

Polar IceTech is hosting eight Lunch & Learn events, which include a demonstration by CEO Damien McDonnell, over the coming months.  The first event will be held at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Little Island, Cork on Wednesday, September 27th at 1pm.

Damien McDonnell has 18 years experience in dry ice cleaning and said, “This is a unique cleaning process that has proven to deliver positive results for the companies who have availed of the service.  We want to showcase what we do and how dry ice cleaning can improve the quality of clean while reducing the man hours invested by a company. 

“The speed at which the process is carried out also means that production lines can continue without any major disruptions.  We know that many companies across all sectors are trying to improve their sustainability methods, and this will go a long way towards helping them achieve their targets as there is no wastewater and no chemicals are used in the process.  We would like to invite people to come and see for themselves what we do and we look forward to answering any questions they may have on the day.”

Other events will be taking place in Dublin, Limerick and Mullingar with details to be confirmed.

The Lunch & Learn event in Cork is free but guests must register on Eventbrite.