Belfast-based Angoka acquires R4dar Technologies

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Cybersecurity company Angoka has acquired Cambridge-based R4dar Technologies to enable a bigger reach in the transport sectors.

Angoka is an IoT security company that specialises in securing autonomous and remote-controlled vehicles, while protecting aircraft and the routes they travel from hacking and other interference. R4dar Tech, based in Cambridge, has created a geospatial awareness device that helps drones navigate and land safely without relying on communication networks or a GPS location.

Combining the two firms’ services will create safe air and road transport routes, as well as boost drove safety and navigation.

Chair of Angoka, Steve Berry, said R4dar Tech is making a “vital contribution to the drive towards autonomous transportation. We have both been collaborating in recent years on a variety of UK government-backed projects and this acquisition will accelerate our journey to safer, cleaner and more reliable transportation on the ground and in the air.”

R4dar Tech founder Clem Robertson said the early detection of obstacles and hazards is the “single biggest challenge” for intelligent transport systems.

“Being able to securely locate and identify potential dangers in complex environments will be fundamental to ensuring safety in the autonomous world, and we’re very thankful to organisations such as Zenzic and Innovate UK which are championing this important work.”