Altus is ready to continue on its growth path in Ireland

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Since establishing a dedicated Irish business division less than two years ago, Altus Group, a leading distributor of capital equipment for electronics assembly, is continuing its growth path within the region. With strong sales predicated for the year and an increase in staff planned, progress within this region is expected to increase further in 2023.

Although Altus has always covered the UK and Ireland in its 21-year history, it wasn’t until 2021 that the company made specific investment in the Irish territory with a new facility and dedicated staff to cover the region. These business activities were important growth drivers and are classed as one of the company’s most significant achievements.

Joe Booth, Altus CEO explains: “Seeing the progression of Ireland for Altus has been one our biggest success stories and an area that I am most proud of. What makes it even more exciting is that we have only just begun this epic journey.

“We have made huge progress in Ireland, developed new growth potential and continue to build our customer base within the region. Our dedicated Irish team, which includes Sales Manager Gareth Fenton and Senior Applications Engineer Michal Ostrykiewicz have been instrumental in building on existing relationships and nurturing new ones to establish Altus Ireland as a front runner in its field.

“In Michal and Gareth, we have found great people with a close alignment with our mission and long-term ambitions. Our success is due to their hard work and determination to be the best at what we do for the customers we serve. Because of their determination and wins, we are ahead of our business plan schedule, and we are looking to bolster our team with another engineering support expert this year.

“For Altus it is important that the service our customers receive does not diminish as we become more successful. Investing in new staff will mean that we can continue to be a high-quality provider but continue to grow to our organisation’s potential in this special region.”

Altus is pursuing its purposeful growth in Ireland with a clear strategic growth plan which ensures the company continues to be the ‘go to’ partner for capital equipment projects. They will achieve this by focusing on developing the sales and support infrastructure in the region to help maximise the tier one brands within the portfolio.

The first event of the year where Altus will meet its Irish customers en-masse is at the Manufacturing and Supply Chain exhibition in Dublin in May. The team will connect key stakeholders across the full spectrum of British manufacturing and present its innovative range of equipment.